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Shadow work

Shadow work has many avenues to open your unconscious mind and bring up things you have suppressed/ repressed within. It frees some of the deepest thoughts about parts of ourselves we have ignored or fragmented. Along with bringing up things from our past which we were not at a developmental level to fully understand or know how to process.

When we become aware through shadow work of childhood memories, circumstances or trauma – it can be quite an overwhelming experience. Bringing awareness brings truth and soon facing the reality in which we had hidden deep for so long, now finding a root. 

Creative writing, journaling and poetry has always been my way of taking moments that have caused me grief or a great deal of anger by putting it onto a piece of paper or typing it in a word document- to show myself that it no longer has any power over me, now I have control over my emotions and can engage understanding just what to do and how to process it…empowerment.

Sharing with you a poetic dialogue of some shadow work that released suppressed feelings towards a past memory- hitting a root that triggered my anger… and now when I read it, it doesn’t bring me back- it shows me how far I’ve come. And what I am capable to cope with in my future. 

Enjoy, Georgette Thomas 🌹

Published by georgettet1122

Therapeutic Art and Spiritual Life Coach, Guide and Consultant

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