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….. “A lesson you must learn… regaining your strength, your power, having courage to fight for your breath”….

-Georgette Thomas Personal Consultant / Guide 🌹.
Therapeutic Art Life Coach Certification

Child’s eyes of the past, seeing through the looking glass…

Maturity in emotional growth is stimulated by healing… some don’t realize that even when we mature and grow physically into adulthood, that emotionally in some ways, we are stuck in the past… so when we experience situations in our present or current situation, we are seeing things through the eyes at the time we experiencedContinue reading “Child’s eyes of the past, seeing through the looking glass…”

Peaceful purge…

A peaceful purge…Purging is commonly used for the abrupt removal of a person, situation, way of thinking, or a group of people, with the understanding of the need for purification or cleansing to any toxic or negative energy that keeps you from change or growth in life. In a more biblical form, It is referencedContinue reading “Peaceful purge…”

If a rose had any other name, would it still be the same…?

Romeo and Juliet, one of the most tragic and romantic love stories ever written… and Shakespeare has such a beautiful poetically dramatic structure in his writing, as his words flowed with depth. And as his story goes, Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet knew they were destined to be together….however their last names were what keptContinue reading “If a rose had any other name, would it still be the same…?”


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