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….. “A lesson you must learn… regaining your strength, your power, having courage to fight for your breath”….

-Georgette Thomas Personal Consultant / Guide 🌹.
Therapeutic Art Life Coach Certification

Just a day of poetry..

We go through situations when we know it’s time to move on. We understand that when we leave a relationship of any kind… sometimes it’s for the betterment of both involved. We realize at some point that even though you love one another… your love language is different, you want different things in life. SoContinue reading “Just a day of poetry..”

All true..Altru-ism…

Article Collaboration by Georgette Thomas & Pat Robertson. Altruism defined has many variations. And can be considered a people pleasing downfall for those who consistently give to others in an unhealthy way. And often mistaken for people pleasing… People please…! People pleasing (PLP) is much different then the virtue of Altruism….Although the basis for altruismContinue reading “All true..Altru-ism…”

Hot and Cold…

When you are involved in a love relationship, we should be equally emotionally invested. Each should have a chance to not only speak… but most importantly listen.  Listening is one of the most important fragments in communication. It’s key in understand one another and learning through quality and quantity within your lives and experiences. ThisContinue reading “Hot and Cold…”

Are you in a commitment or are you committed….?

Commitment defined is state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc; an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action. Committed defined Is feeling dedication and loyalty to a cause, activity, or job; wholeheartedly dedicated. When we look at the definition of both we can see similarities. Being in a commitment isContinue reading “Are you in a commitment or are you committed….?”


Any relationship can’t grow or prosper in a healthy manner without trust…it brings security and stability creating a solid foundation and structure. And once trust is broken, it can crack this foundation or tear it down… and as some have learned- it’s much harder to repair or rebuild to earn its way back. Lies levelContinue reading “Lies…”

You have now entered the “space out zone”…..

Who can hear the Twilight zone theme music right now? Lol Spacing out, zoning out, day dreaming are all associated to a form of “disassociation” Disassociation: Feel detached from your environment, the people around you, or your body Ever been driving and experience “highway hypnosis”? Suddenly you come back from a total zone out andContinue reading “You have now entered the “space out zone”…..”

Be the thriver.. make peace with your survivor… Being ready to Live and Love…again

New beginnings, new relationships, and new paths uncover when we finally “listen” and allow changes in our outlooks and beliefs flowing to grow and mature emotionally. Especially when we are feeling ready to start dating or looking for a love interest. And in any type of relationship, we need to build a foundation. Forming andContinue reading “Be the thriver.. make peace with your survivor… Being ready to Live and Love…again”


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