Whispers to Wings of Authenticity. Your bridge to personal consulting for a spiritual alliance. Lending guidance to find your Wings of authenticity …

-Georgette Thomas , Personal Consultant / Guide /Lightworker 🌹.
Therapeutic Art & Spiritual Life Coach Certification


An amazing moment that you have crossed this bridge to start your process of moving forward. At some point in our lives, we all face difficult times where we can’t seem to let go of unresolved past situations or the ability to see or move ahead. Getting stuck in vicious cycles with no answers or ideas on how to break free, becomes exhausting, strenuous and often times leaves you feeling broken and hopeless.
As long as you are open to the process, I will take the time needed and work with you through these moments of frustration, sadness and confusion. I have been down this road many times, knowing and understanding these struggles… I can help you gain an understanding of change as you are getting to know yourself better.
I created “Whispers to Wings” to share my experience freely for all needing a little help and a little guidance. Conquering challenges and barriers have been my biggest successes. I offer you a more positive and spiritual way of thinking to overcoming trying times, crossroads or limbo moments. This leads to Intuitively making better decisions in your life and structuring the process in finding the authentic You.
Please enjoy my posts and poetry. I share my journey in a more artistic and poetic way. This also may give you the insight to know more about who I am and how I think, as well as, to inspire. I’ve created a space for you to explore and connect with something that perhaps resonates with you.
It would be an honor for me to help you through any process in personal growth. Please don’t hesitate to reach out…. I am always here to help.

Sincerely Grateful,
Georgette Thomas, Personal Consultant/ Guide 🌹.
Therapeutic Art & Spiritual Life Coach Certification.

* All meetings through Zoom and are strictly confidential *
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Taking a moment to say Thank You….
Gratitude for all who have inspired me as well as given me life lessons enchanting my courage and wisdom to create the woman I am today. My gift of Unconditional love and light has always given me the insight of balance to accept both light and dark. Knowing judgements and denial will only bring fear and discontent. Opening my heart and soul to who I am and what I truly have become. Allowing me this time to give guidance where I am needed. As my journey continues gracefully indelicate… I will keep going on this amazing path divinely created for me …. and hope you will choose the same….
Thank You,

Georgette Thomas, PC🌹.
Contact me on Instagram :georgette.1122

About Me

As a lover of poetry and writing, I have been through quite a journey in my life… finally connecting my trinity of mind, body and soul.🌹
I have created “Whispers to Wings” in sharing my gift to help guide you to find your Wings of Authenticity.

Georgette Thomas, PC🌹

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.”

Robert Blake

“A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language.”

W.H. Auden

React or Respond….

React: to exert a reciprocal or counteracting force or influence; to move or tend in a reverse direction; : to act in opposition to a force or influence.  Respond: to say something in return : make an answer; to show favorable reaction; to display thought before reaction Quite similar in definitions between reaction and response.Continue reading “React or Respond….”

Put an end to an end….

We realize at some point in any situation that comes to an end, we have to process and trudge through grounding into a world of “self”. However, grounding into “self” in the appropriate and healthy way…  Why do we choose to remain in the tower moments of an ending? Rumination. Rumination defined: is the focusedContinue reading “Put an end to an end….”

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